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Most flags are shipped within 1-3 business days and delivered within 10-15 days. For display cases, please allow up to 2 weeks of processing time.

We use a third party distribution center to ship completed orders. An automatic email will be sent to the email address that you provided when placing the order. Inside this email, you will find a clickable tracking number that will tell you exactly where your package is. Please allow about 1 week for the tracking information to update. If you are having trouble viewing this information, feel free to contact us.

Our goal is to keep shipping costs fair and simple for our customers. Our standard shipping prices are the same for both domestic and international orders. Here are our current rates:

Free for orders $45 and up

Standard Shipping (10-15 day delivery) - $5.99 

Rush Orders (5-9 day delivery) - $29

We ship to all states domestically and worldwide. If there has been a change in our ability to ship to your country you will be notified and refunded before your order is processed. 

We will send tracking information to the e-mail address associated with your order once the item has shipped. If you have not received your tracking information and it has been over 3 weeks, please contact us at

We use the United State Postal Service (USPS), UPS, and various global shipping methods. To keep shipping rates down we compare costs between these carriers and ship the most efficient way.

You can expect to receive your flag within 10-15 days from the date of your order. However, we also offer a convenient rush order option during checkout. By selecting this option, you can reduce the delivery time to 5-9 days.

We understand the excitement of receiving your custom flag promptly, and we strive to meet your specific timelines. Rest assured, whether you choose our standard delivery or opt for the rush order, we are committed to delivering a high-quality flag that you'll be proud to display.

Rest assured, this is typical. It is common for tracking numbers to take 7-10 days to update after leaving our facility. Generally, you can expect to receive your flag within 10-15 days from the date of your order.

Your 100% satisfaction is important for us. We offer a 30-day Return & Exchange Policy. Custom flags cannot be returned for a full refund except for special cases such as damage or print defects. For more information, please see our full return policy here.

Our privacy policy can be found by clicking here.

Yes! We work with many companies to fulfill wholesale requests, whether it's for promotional flags or resale. We also offer discounts for smaller order quantities and the process is quick and easy! Simply select your desired amount on the product page and your discount will be applied automatically at checkout. 


For special wholesale requests, you may fill out the following wholesale request form.

Our flags are folded and shipped in poly mailers to reduce shipping costs and will therefore have creases. But fear not! These creases will disappear overtime once unfolded and deployed. However you may follow these steps to remove them quicker:


1. Slightly damp the flag with a spray bottle

2. Iron at a very low heat setting, increasing the temperature slightly until it starts to work. (If your iron is too hot, place a thin cloth between the iron and the flag)

Tip: Before you start ironing, iron a very small section in the corner to insure it isn't too hot

3. Do both sides

Yes, if your design needs any changes or if we are creating your design from scratch we will provide a mockup for your approval before the final printing process. 

Our flags do not come with poles, however we offer a variety of flag pole options that can be added to your order. 

For the most common flag sizes, a flagpole that is 20 feet (6 meters) in height is generally recommended. This size should accommodate flags that are 3x5 ft or smaller, which are among the most commonly used flag sizes. However, if you plan to fly larger flags, you may want to consider a taller flagpole to ensure it fits properly.

Our flags are made out of 100% polyester which are better suited for outdoor use than nylon. Polyester is known for its durability, wrinkle-resistance, and ability to retain vibrant colors. All of our flags come standard with brass grommets unless the pole sleep option is selected. 

To take care of your flag and prolong its lifespan, follow these steps:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Gently wash the flag with mild detergent and cold water to remove dirt and stains. Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach, as they can damage the fabric.

  2. Hand Washing: Hand washing is preferable to machine washing, as it reduces the risk of damage to the flag's stitching and grommets.

  3. Gentle Drying: After washing, allow the flag to air dry by hanging it or laying it flat. Avoid using high heat or tumble drying, as it can cause shrinkage or distortion.

  4. Take Down in Harsh Weather: During severe weather conditions like storms or strong winds, take down the flag to prevent damage.

By following these care tips, you can maintain the quality and appearance of your polyester flag for an extended period.

Absolutely! We offer a design service option on our custom flag listings, and our skilled graphic design team can create a custom design that perfectly suits your needs. Whether you have a specific idea or need our expertise to craft one for you, we've got you covered. Additionally, if you have an existing logo that you'd like to incorporate or would like us to make one for you, we can seamlessly include it in the design.

You may upload your design on the custom flag listings on our site before adding to cart. You also have the option to send your design directly to our email:

Yes, our flags are 100% polyester and machine washable! We use high-quality materials and printing techniques that ensure the colors and design remain vibrant even after washing. You can easily clean your flag whenever needed to keep it looking fresh and pristine.

Yes! Our flags are designed to be versatile and suitable for various display options, including vehicles. However, we do recommend exercising caution when flying the flag for extended periods. Prolonged exposure to high speeds and harsh weather conditions might subject the flag to wear and tear.

For short trips or special events, flying the flag from your vehicle is a fantastic way to showcase your unique style and identity. When not in use, we recommend removing the flag from your vehicle to ensure its longevity.

The $18 design service option is an additional service we offer to assist you with your custom flag design. If you have a design that needs editing or improvement or if you don't have a print-ready image, this option is perfect for you. Our skilled graphic design team will work closely with you to refine your provided design or create one from scratch, including logos if needed.

If you already have a print-ready design that meets our specifications, you may not require this service. However, if you want professional help to ensure the best possible outcome, our design service is a valuable choice to consider.

You can select your preferred payment method at checkout. We accept secure payments for both local & international customers via credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay, Meta Pay, and Venmo. We do not take payments over the phone at this time.